Our Story

"As a Christian mom of a very girly girl, I struggle to find extra-curricular activities that support what I am teaching her at home. The Lord placed upon my heart to create something for her and lots of other children just like her.  At Graceful Steps, we take performing and visual arts in a totally different direction. While receiving a quality education, your child will also be taught many of the characteristics of what it means to live a life in Christ. We hope you will consider Graceful Steps for your child today! We look forward to meeting you!"


-Amy Johnson, Founder


​At Graceful Steps we want to inspire youth to excel in every area of life while providing them a quality dance/acrobatics education. Through classes, performances, and individual attention, students are given the opportunity to learn about themselves and grow as individuals. They are taught that they are fearfully and wonderfully made and very much loved by their Creator.

Students, walk out of class each week knowing they are special for who they are, not what they can do. They will grow and improve, not only as dancers/gymnasts, but also as young adults while building relationships that will last a lifetime.

​Our Mission:

At Graceful Steps our mission is to provide a stellar dance/tumbling education while instilling Christian values in students.

We strive to:

•  Teach students to praise their Creator

•  Instill Christian values

•  Help students grow in their Christian walk

•  Foster high self-esteem and self-worth

•  Instill modesty into a young person's heart

•  Provide a safe environment where students can express
    themselves through dance and acrobatics

•  Provide a quality dance/acrobatics education

•  Have a whole lot of fun

We look forward to sharing the love of Christ with your child and teaching them everything we know about the beautiful world of the arts.

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