Classes At Graceful Steps


A classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement and by elaborate formal gestures, steps, and poses. Ballet is offered for girls ages 3 and up.


A part of classical ballet where the dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet in Pointe shoes. (Available as Private Lesson Only.)


Tap   ​​​​​​​​​​                                                                
A dance in which the rhythm is sounded out by the clicking taps on the heels and toes of a dancer's shoes. Tap is offered for girls ages 5 and up.


Jazz is a fun dance style that relies heavily on originality and improvisation. Jazz dancing is very expressive, often using bold, dramatic body movements. Jazz is offered for girls ages 5 and up.


Hip Hop
A style of street dance performed to hip hop music. It is often freestyle in nature. Some popular styles are breaking, popping and locking. 


A style of dance that connects the mind and body in fluid movements incorporating many styles of dance such as ballet, modern, jazz and lyrical. 


Exercises developing or displaying physical agility and coordination. The modern sport of gymnastics typically involves exercises on uneven bars, balance beam, floor, and vaulting horse (for women), and horizontal and parallel bars, rings, floor, and pommel horse (for men). At Graceful Steps, we only concentrate on floor work and do not use equipment other than floor mats. Tumbling/Acro is available for boys and girls ages 3 and up.



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